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Shingen Takeda

The Early Life of Shingen Takeda

Shingen Takeda was a prominent military legend revered in Japanese history as a powerful territorial warlord during the Sengoku era. He was Takeda Nobutora’s first born son born in 1521. Who by then was a clan leader of a clan known as Takeda in addition to being a territorial lord for the Kai Province.

In his youth Shinken Takeda was a prolific poet who was a core assistant for his father in ruling over Kai and heading their clan. However, his defiance started to manifest at a very young age when he started mounting opposition to his father’s reign, soon after his initiation. It all started when he learned of his father’s plan to appoint his young brother as heir to the clan’s leadership. At the age of 21 years old, he marshaled support from willing sympathizers to force his father to resign and seek refuge in the nearby province of Saruga, to the south of Kai. The province of Saruga was an Imagawa clan’s territory lead by Yoshimoto who accepted him in. This gesture created some kind of alliance between the two clans.

574px-Provinces_of_Japan-Echigo.svgThe rise of Shingen started with his acquisition of the surrounding territories. Following his ambitious acts the leaders of the bordering provinces readied themselves for an offensive attack. The young lord outsmarted them after they fell into his trap at Fuchu, a place he had purportedly announced as his army base. Following his windfall victory he gathered momentum to advance to the nearby strong fortress of Shinano province. Akin to his tactics he attacked the weaker outposts of Suwa. He however, met a stiff resistance on his way to the capital at Uetahara where he lost his two generals to Murakami Yoshikiyo. After the war he restrategized on how to defeat him, which he eventually did forcing him to flee to Echigo Province.

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