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Flirone Thermal iPhone Case

These iPhone Cases are Off the Wall!

There are tons and tons of iPhone cases being churned out monthly, however some of what you are about to learn are more than just covers. They are in fact some of the weirdest innovations in the current age ranging from thermal scanners and stun gun cases to ghost busters. There a lot in the market but these selections carry the day in terms of their craziness and usage.

The first on this list of craziness is Flir®. It is crazily designed to help the user ‘hunt for Ghosts’. It is a thick soft case which at first glance does not appeal to the eyes. It has an internal camera which is adaptable to iPhone 5 series transforming it to a state of the art thermal camera. At only $349, it can transform your iPhone into heat signature reading device with its advances app.

Fake Food Japan LogoThe range of fake food iPhone cases from Fake Food Japan® are strikingly real and at the same time make you want to eat your case just by looking at it. But if you don’t have an iPhone 5 case, no worries as they have a lineup of plastic food iPhone 4 cases as well to get your mouth watering.

Yellow Jacket LogoYellow Jacket® is another interesting iPhone case going for only $149. It is anti theft device designed to keep pick pocketers from your phone. The Yellow Jacket has a small stun gun attached to its top which can deliver about 18 kilovolts for any dare devil that pokes their hands close to it. It is designed to fit the iPhone 5 series. For the users safety though it has a warning LED indicator lights that allow one to remove it in case it poses a risk to those close to it. Most people are attracted by its appeal but some state laws forbid it. Give it a try but don’t get caught.

Concepter Lune® is the last crazy iPhone case which beats the rest for its abilty to work without a charge. The black coloured case utilizes the electromagnetic radiation from the iPhone to power a green light which lights up when the user receives calls. The case currently retails at $35.