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Japanese Manga: The Rise of the Shonen Juggernauts

When it comes to Japanese manga, the most prevalent form of distribution has got to be the manga magazines, which sell millions and millions of copies, week in and week out. Just taking a look at Shonen Jump, the most well-liked manga magazine that retails in Japan, it sells a range of 6 million manga copies each week. Shonen Jump is closely followed by the Shonen Magazine which in itself sells a range of 4 million manga copies. These magazines of manga are weekly and or monthly publications that have a range of between 200 pages to 900 pages where there is a huge variety to choose from for the manga series. As a matter of fact, the manga series usually occupies 2 pages to even 40 pages of these magazines. The only drawback to these print magazines is the fact that they are printed normally on low-quality paper and also in white and also black ink. However, the magazines’ covers and to some extent a few pages at the beginning of the magazines are exempted from this snag. When a certain manga series is inclined to the success road, it is usually printed and also published in the magazine for more than a few years.

There is another modification, rather alternative, that has developed in the world of Japanese comic books, which is the e-comic. It is a kind of digital format that has arisen due to the process of file sharing on the Internet. E-comics uses different formats, and among the most common ones are .cbr and also .cbz. These formats are basically compressed files sets which have images in the formats of jpeg or gif. The compressed files are rar and the zip respectively.

Manga has over the past 5 or so years claimed about 65% or even more of the graphic novel market in the world. Popularity of manga can even be shown by the fact that the term ‘manga’ gets a range of 131,000 searches every month over the Internet, and the number is ever growing. When you read some of the Japanese manga, and or watch the anime which draws their inspiration from the Japanese comic books, you will certainly understand why Japanese manga is so popular among the masses.

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Until next time, enjoy the start to this year’s summer with a good selection of manga everyone!

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